This site is dedicated to the memory of Sidney Betts Lewis.

Sidney Lewis was born in Pasadena, CA on February 03, 1928. She died in Boulder, CO on February 12, 2011. Sidney will always be remembered for the warm welcome she gave others, for her love of playing tennis and golf, for her eye for beauty, for getting things done, for speaking her mind, for grace in the face of adversity, for her sense of humor, and for her love of her children.


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I first met Sidney on the tennis courts at ATCC in Altadena and again through Flintridge Prep where our sons attentded. About three years ago I came to Denver and she picked me up to go find my grandparent's 100 year old brick home and business building downtown. We spent the afternoon at my hotel talking and laughing as we reminisced about the days we had shared together. For some reason she happened to mention her maiden name and I remembered knowing a Freddie Betts at PJC. Surprise, surprise. We shared a beautiful last meeting together and I shall always remember Sidney for her warmth and generosity. She met her fate with dignity and courage. What a gal. I shall always be grateful to have had that last happy visit with Sidney. Ellen English
Remembering my last visit with Sidney - Ellen English
When I think of Sidney I remember the beautiful Christmas dinners she put on for neighbors and friends in Evergreen Highlands. The food was fabulous and each place setting had a meticulously wrapped gift. She was a warm, friendly and outstanding hostess.
From Barbara Holmes on 03/11/2011
My name is Frank Cleveland, eldest son of Sidney's older sister Freddie Cleveland. When my wife, Beth and I lived in South Dakota as young folks starting out without much and a long way from all our relatives we used to go visit Sidney in Conifer, CO. We always had such great visits, particularly the time we sat together and watched the US beat the USSR in hockey at the 1980 Olympics. We will miss you Auntie.
Frank Cleveland March 10th, 2011